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2023 10 04

LABEL: Beatskip Records
RELEASE DATE: 10/18/2023
Pre-order Beatport: 2023-10-04
Exclusive Beatport: 2023-10-18
Release all music platforms: 2023-11-02

1. Phantom (Original mix)

LINUS BEATSKiP is back with a new powerful track titled “Phantom”.

“Phantom” has an addictive rhythm that immediately draws you in and has you dancing almost as soon as it starts. The track builds from haunting synth chords and a pulsing beat, setting the stage for a dark and mysterious night ahead. The saw and base come in and take the track to the next level, adding more energy and a raw edge. This is exactly the kind of sound that we have come to love from LINUS BEATSKiP.

If you’re looking for an upbeat and energetic track to add to your playlist, you can’t go wrong with Phantom. Make sure to check it out and add it to your music collection today. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

“Phantom” in Find Your Sounds

“Phantom” in Find Your Sounds

Find Your Sounds "... It’s a colossal sounding track with heavy percussion and grinding pads which create a menacing vibe that adds to the intensity of the groove." Read more...

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